6 Reasons To Visit Van

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6 Reasons To Visit Van

Lake Van
Now there is an endeavor around Lake Van. Within the scope ofsea front project for Edremit, walking and cycling trails, tartan track, cafeterias and beaches are beingbuilt. While ali these constructions are going on, Lake Van offers a different holiday experience with facilities whereyou can have breakfast and watch the sun set on the coasts of Edremit and Gevaş, bays and coves uraiting to be explored, alkaline and salty waters that are beneficial to skin.

On the other hand, Lake Van basin, on the migration route of birds, offers unique snapshots for birdwatchers and nature photographers. 213 bird species out of450 in Turkey are found
here on this basin. Each year, thousands offlamingoes settle here from April to November.
6 Reasons To Visit Van
Akdamar Island
In Akdamar, first the weather gets warm and the almond trees blossom. The island, especially in this season, invites travelers to be part of an indescribable scenery with bluest coves, its church which was turned into a storyteller thanks to able hands of Armenian stonemasons and surrounding mountains covered with snow. It makes you feel special. Akdamar is one of the four islands on the Lake Van which is called as "sea”by Van residents. It was named af ter the church ordered to Monk Manuel during the reign of Gagik I, the Vaspurakan king.

Shaped as cross with reliefs depictingparables from Bihle and Torah on its façade, the church has been mentioned in many legends for centuries.
6 Reasons To Visit Van
When the snow on its majestic mountains melt, a new kind of life starts here in Van. Waterfalls flow vibrant, the environs become like a flovtrer garden. Localsgo to Muradiye Waterfall in order to watch Bendimahi Creek, springing out in Tendürek Mountain, flow from a deep valley. They walk aroıınd and picnic in this natural picnic site. They invite those who have no cover to sit on, no herby cheese with them. The best spot to watch the brawling waterfall is the facility adjacent to draw bridge.

When you walk through the opposite offlouringdirection, you will be seeing a visual show consisting ofmany small waterfalls. Ganisipi is another vvaterfall in Van thatyou shouldn’t miss. Located in Beyaztaş on Van -Çatak highu/ay and babbling as ifexplodingfrom a hollou/ after the snow melts, this waterfall is famous for its milky white color due to water foam. It is ideal to have picnic around the waterfall which loses much of its capacity through the end of summer. You can taste red-spotted trout in a trout facility nearby.
6 Reasons To Visit Van
Van Breakfast
Herby cheese, a classic with unique herbs picked from mountains in spring such as sirmo, tarhun, mendo and, helis; shelled walnut jam; kavut that is made by frying butter, and flour which was fried first and then ground... Ifyou do not sigh upon hearing these, it means you have never had breakfast in Van before. It doesn’t matter whether it is in Van çenter or in Edremit on the coast ofthe lake; you will never forget the breakfast served with lavash bread baked in stone öven, Van pastry and unstrained tea. This tradition, which villagers coming to the dairy Stores in the city started vvith food they brought together, is a must for a trip in Van.
6 Reasons To Visit Van
Van Cat
Van is a city famous for its world-renown cats. These cute animals, non-hybridized pedigrees, are different than
other cat species because they are more friendly, have white, silky fur and long and fluffy tail, different colors in each eye, and love ıvater. Since they are small in numbers, they are under protection.

Not much, only 50 years ago, Van cats were strolling in the streets. Registered as national breed in 2006 with a communique published in the Official Gazette, Van cats might not be seen in the streets but can stili be seen in Van Cat Research Çenter.

In the çenter which is visited by an average of 20 thousand people each year, you can fondle, feed and take photos with cats. You can visit the store before leaving and buy objects with cat motifs.
6 Reasons To Visit Van

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